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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Season of Giving, gifts for the loved ones.


I may not the best ever gift giver, yeah, I never celebrate Christmas but hey, they say, "this is the season of giving", so, logically, it is not against the law but still, I respect other religions, I am. *salute.

Well, as we all know, Christmas is just around the corner. In Malaysia, we do not have natural snow and we do not have winter but we do have houses that really provide such things like snow, snowman. You may check it out at i-City Shah Alam and also Genting Highlands. Hehe.. 

Season of giving eyh? For those who are going to celebrate this festive season, have you thought about the presents and gifts that you are going to give? Well, worry no more. I have the prefect gifts suggestions for you.

Before buying presents and gifts, it is better for you to actually think about it first. Segments the family. Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Husband, Wife, Cousins, Nephew, Nieces and so on.

Okay, lets begin.

1. Parents

Usually, for parents, people are going for like gifts that really cliche. Like, sweaters, food, CANES? What are you thinking? Hey, be creative. It is better for you to give your parents a nice holiday package, like on cruise or at the beach or to me more romantic, in the jungle in Hawaii maybe. Who knows right? Holidays would be the best gift ever. If you cannot afford to give them holiday package, you may give them this, a nice relaxation 2 days 3 nights in spa or hotel. It does not have to be really expensive as long as you can afford it, then, go for it. Right? Or, you might just come back home and enjoy the festive season with your family, parents. That is the best gift ever. Parents want to see their children faces and that is the best, amazing gifts ever! Trust me.

2. Brothers and Sisters

Well, you have like 5 brothers and  5 sisters, you might have a little problem, and the problem would be on the budget allocating. It is not easy right, you have like 10 siblings, but I believe, usually people just have like 1 big brother, 2 brothers and maybe 2 sisters, right? Whatever. Gadget would be the best ever for your brothers and sisters but then, you have to look at your budget too. You have like really tight budget, you have to consider giving them small items. For brothers and sisters, you can give them, coupons! Coupons are famous right now. It shows that you really have tight budget. hehe.. OR! you may ask them first of what they like or want to own. If one brother said, "I want a skateboard" and another one said " I want a roller-blades". Here you go, you can't afford to buy those things, it is better for you to buy them, the arm guards or knee guards or the helmet. Right? At least, you can say "Safety first kid!"haha...

Then, you have the sisters. They are easy, ask them "Do you like 1 Direction?" , if the answers were like "YES!!!" and they screamed, like there is no tomorrow, and you better answer back "Do you know that 1 Direction is coming to town?" and if they said "YYEEESSSS.... keep coming". You might have to stop there. You'd might give them a really big hope, high hopes. Stop the conversation by saying "I'll have a surprise for you, wait until Christmas". *wink wink. Then! you just buy them, their cd and to make it special, give them a really surprise like, ask the 1D to wish Merry Christmas to your sisters and put it into the CD. Talking about special, it is special right? Your sisters will actually love you more. They will.

3. Husband/Wife

If for hubby and wifey, the gifts would a little bit different. Tie for hubby? He might have a wardrobe full with ties. Socks for hubby? hello... please. Handbag for wifey? She might have like millions of it already. Think creative? okay? Think creative and be creative.

Okay, if for your husband, the wife better do this. "One set dinner + a night to remember" set. How? Hehe..the wife, take note! It is easy, the wife, you cook dinner for your husband and the night to remember is the ehem ehem night. Don't you know, hello. Please. Okay, intimate relationship. There, I said it. The wife could give like a little massage with the presence of scented candles and really nice smooth hands on their hubby's body and you just know what to do right? Give the damn good service!

For the husband. Your wife is not a robot which always listened to what you have to say ALL THE TIME. At one particular time, you have to listen to her opinions too. You might too give your wife that idea above "One set dinner + a night to remember". You can cook for your wife and give the erotic massage which I told you.  Or! the husband, you might take your wife to a nice relaxation holidays, you can tighten your relationships, right? So, your choice is? You choose.

4. Cousins, Nephews and Nieces.

If your cousins, nephews and nieces are like 7 - 12 years old, buy them whatever you like them to have but then again, you have like really damn right budget. Rethink what do you want them to have. Sometimes, small little things say the biggest thing ever. Like, your 14 year old cousin has problems with body odour issue, give him/her deodorant or perfume, to remind him/her that "Bitch! you have problems with body odour". hehe.. and again, wrap it really nicely, okay?

Or, you just buy them teddy bears and again, wrap it nicely, really nicely okay? It is all about the wrapping. If you put a lot of efforts on wrapping the gifts, then, no one would know that the gifts were inexpensive, but then, loose the price tags okay? DO NOT PUT YOUR HEAD IN THE TOILET BOWL. okay? 

last but not least.

5. Father and Mother-in-laws 

Hey, they are like your ma and pa too, give them what they should have. Nowadays, it is not about the price of the presents, it is about the value of the presents/gifts. Give them a really nice dinner treat at hotel or you might gather all the family members from both sides at a hall and have a really festive season with the Christmas Carol and live band and singers. You might include one famous singer. That would be the best. Do not plan this event on your own, gather your siblings from both sides and discuss. That would the best gift ever given to any parents/parents-in-law. Yes! Trust me.

Well, there you go. I have listed a few amazing gifts and presents that you might consider giving it to your parents and family. Think wisely and do not waste.


p/s: Season of Giving. I am giving tips. hehe
p/s: Merry Christmas to all my Christian Friends.

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