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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Names Bearer.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I have always love great names, but sometimes, names do not appear to be the real face of the people. Meaning, sometimes, names are just names, just for an example, there an celebrity who names something-something Al-Islam. Good name indeed eyh? But, sometimes, I just wished that celebrity choose not to use that name, I just. I felt a little regret on that.

Okay, my name is Akmal. Simple but yet meaningful. And, the meaning in Arabic is 'Perfect' ,'Sempurna'. Wow, the meaning of the name is actually hard to bear. Just like Frodo, the Ring Bearer in Lord of The Rings, through hardship and darkness, he and Samwise Gamgee, they were trying very hard to fulfill the task. Amazing, through hardship, but at last, they succeed. Right? So, we are just like that too, we have names, and we are the names bearers. Each and everyone of us. Indeed. But me?? I am not perfect in every sense, I don't know, but hehe... hahaha...

I love flowers and when people use the name of flowers to name their sons and daughters, in Malay, we have lots of flowers names. Such, Melati, Mawar,  Anggerik, Orked, Bunga taik ayam, and so many others and there are names also in English like Rose, Lily, Orchid, and so many others too. 

And now, after watching Lord of The Rings, I encountered so many great names, such Eowyn, Elrond,  Arwen Evenstar and so many other names. I just love these names but then, if I were to use these name on my kids, haha.. it would be faulty. Haha.. So not good, right? But I could use these names on, let say, my cats. Right? It would be nice too.

Whatever it is, named your kids with great and amazing names okay? You have to think about the names that you will give your sons and daughters, you have to think about the nicknames, what you gonna called them, all sorts of thinks, you have too think about that, okay? You have to think about the negative sides and what people going to come out with the name that you gonna give. You have too, otherwise, you'll hurt your sons and daughter for Wrong names. Okay?

Well, too long for such simple entry, right?

Assalamualaikum WBT,

p/s: Classic names are just classic. Love it.

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