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Friday, January 4, 2013

Tomorrow is Holiday!!! yeay!!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Today was a great day. I do not know why but I felt that today in Giat Mara was quite a day. Haha, today is Friday and Friday usually in Giat Mara, we have this day we called "Budaya Bersih Day" and today was included. I two days earlier was a little bit, like, I have this uncomfortable feeling about doing things like, cleaning and so on but after today's session, I feel like, "Hey, I have no problem doing these, it is my responsibility, why not right?". So, that is my feeling. 

As you all know, I am the only boy in the class but then, my THRONE has been demolished and there is another boy in, ugh! I could not use Beta anymore! but, who cares, step by step, I will come out. Not like, "coming out" but come out from my shell, haha. You know what, just a few days, these girls really want to be friend with me and they like 'Abang Akmal,...", :Abang Akmal...", I'm like the famous fashion designer to be in the class. *Dreaming. hahaha... but then, I have a few who I interested in, well, just interested. My main goal is to actually learn and excel in this course. And I have another target, I want to Award of being the Best Student. I will work for it! I will work for that. yes! I will.

Weekends are already here, so, lets have some good sleeps!!! yeay!! I love holidays. gagahahaha...

These are the modules for my 6 months learning in Giat Mara.

1. Safety
2. How to handle machine
3. Clothes samples (polar) 
4. How to make blouse
5. How to make t-shirt
6. How to make skirt
7. How to make modern baju kurung
8. How to make modern baju melayu
9. How to make traditional baju kurung
10. How to make traditional baju melayu
11. How to make child's garments
12. How to make kebaya
13. How to make pants/trousers
14. Fashion sketches (my favourite)
15. Clothes re-do.

There you go, there are the 15 modules that will be taught by two teachers which are Cikgu Ina and also Cikgu Izam. To be honest, I would prefer to call them by Puan, because to me, Puan is actually more appropriate and sounds superior. hehe.. but then, Cikgu or Teacher is also can, because in History of English, in Word Origin, the word Teacher is actually the highest rank in the educational level. 

This was before, but now, there are so many title given but then, to think back about it, where do we started? When do we started all of this? In school right? Who taught us there? Teacher? Right? Did our primary school teachers have Dr? PhD? and so on? Well, for those had a chance to actually taught by these people who have Dr and PhDs are lucky and but then, most of them are teachers right? so, in Word Origin, the word 'teacher' itself, the meaning of that word is 'specialize in certain areas". So, teachers are the actually the great name to be called by students to their teachers. Hehe...

Correct me if I am wrong. haha,, it has been for year since I left Semester 1 in UniSZA. hahha..

I will find more interesting facts and I have times, I will post it here.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Still excited.

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