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Sunday, February 17, 2013

True Love, Gadget and Origin of Language.

Assalmualaikum WBT,

I have found my true love! Well, not really, but hey people change kan, hehe.. well, I have fell in love with this one gadget. Remember, those days that I said that I am not really good in anything that touchscreen, I was! but now, I am not that dumb anymore. I have learned how to actually use gadget that have touchy screeny thingy element, something like that laa. I have fell in love with this one gadget! I am. Well, I cannot show you here because, I have to wait like 1-2 months for me to actually get the money. Working? naaa,, nope. I have my source, don't worry. It is not like the haram source, this is very credible source (s) and very halal punya. 

Last Saturday, me and my nephews went to a gadget (hp, camera, vid cam and so on) shop and I bumped into this one amazing gadget. It is not Samsung, it is not IPhone but it is Android OS, well, I do not actually care about brand, as long as it is well fit and actually it is up to the person who handle the gadget. As far as I am concerned, I am not sloppy. I take care of my belongings quite well. Ask my family and friends. hehehe.. kan?

InsyaAllah, when I manage to get the gadget, I will post it here, like I got my Canon digital camera, remember? Yes, I still have it and it is functioning very well. Very well. I just do not know what to do with it, so, I just put it in my drawer. Great huh? hehehe.. I am.

It has been a while since those days I wrote and posted something in English language, I felt a little bit rusty here, but I am trying my very best to actually maintain my English language, InsyaAllah, with a little bit of practice, I would able to speak again. *no! I do not have any English language speech impairment.. nope! not at all, just when we did not talk like for quite sometimes, we tend to forget how to use the words and so on. Just. FYI, English language is my second language. so, hehe...

I am now reread a book that I bought like 4 years ago, this book was by Merritt Ruhlen, and the title of the book is The Origin of Language "Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue". Amazing book and I definitely have something to be shared here. I hope so.

Well, tomorrow would be the first day of the week, tiring hu? So, good night and

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Felt a little bit weird writing in English language, I hope I could attract more readers. Thanks.

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