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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Believe In YourSelf!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Happy Saturday kan, for those who were working on Friday, congratulations, I am giving you two days holiday, hehehe... cuti dua hari okay, so for those who have wedding invitations, you'd better go to those wedding, boleh makan free kan?

It's okay then, tadi saya pergi kenduri kat rumah dalam kampung saya juga, dan after the tahlil, we was feast with dinner, lots of dishes and I was quite pleased with the taste. The dishes were quite tasty, I must say.

Lepas tu, ada beberapa orang mak saudara saya ada makan sekali dengam saya, then, they were talking about things I did not expected. I mean, not vulgar but the issues were up to date. There was one aunt said about her son, which happened to get An Okay result of SPM 2012. And she was quite devastated because, couple of teachers said bad things to her son about the result. Yes, the result is not that good, but with a lot of curricular activities that he already had, his future to be accepted in university for Diploma is actually quite good. But sadly, unfortunately, the teachers said that he does not have any future and he could not go anywhere with his poor result. 

Should not the teachers be the motivators and say nice things to their students, give moral supports instead of say bad things to his students? Kadang-kadang, I was wondering, adakah the teachers can be the determiners of what the students should be in the future? 

If the result is not good, well, do not tell them straight away that they are bad, meaning bad result, no! , communicate with them first and see how it goes. Nowadays, we have a lot of alternatives, yes, we do! It does not mean that when you are bad, you'll be bad for the rest of your life, NONSENSE! There is no such thing as that! Those teachers who said that, no matter how long they be educators, OBVIOUSLY! they does not possess the credibility to actually educate and give motivations to students.

Post SPM students are important, they can actually be the best, but they need to have determination. Different individual has different ways of approaching. We could not use hasty generalisation to all people, NONSENSE! Once again used. hehehe.. Be prepared and look for information, btw, Form Six is not that bad. And Form Six actually is not the last choice, during my days, my hey days, Form Six was my First Choice. Learn to make decision, it helps you grow. Yes.

Then, we talked with my aunties about how the world moves, meaning, its all about internet nowadays. I brought up one particular issue, "Year One student for 2014 need to register online", I said. I got mixed reviews from the aunties and most of them said, they do not know how to use computers. Meaning, that registration is only apply for those who have internet connection, for those who have knowledge with computering. Sometimes, the government needs to be very cautious about this, not all people could use computers, some of them are not built for this fast pace moving forward era. 

So, the government, before make such decision, make sure that all the people in Malaysia have these items:

1. Good internet connections
2. Good knowledge about computer
3. Widespread coverage

Do these things, you"ll see changes in people nowadays, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: ppffttt! Government!


  1. assalamualaikum,

    well well well..excellent SPM result doesn't guarantee you a bright future.It only acts as the platform for u to choose which field or career u r going into after this..whether u wanna enrol yourself in science stream, arts n literature,accounts or economy..take your pick..this is where the role of the teacher becomes important for the post spm students. I agree with u akmal.The teacher must not demotivated his /her students by telling them their life is over..THat sounds stupid for a teacher whose duty is to encourage the students to learn..very contra indeed.what's the use the teachers sweat and strive to teach their students all this while but lastly tell them that they have no chance to move on n further their studies...urmm

  2. Izzah Malek : yup, a teacher should motivate their students not demotivate them, that would be such a shame for a teacher demotivate their students. A teacher actually needs to advise their students and try very hard to achieve their dreams, not crushed them before that make a step. Right?