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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am touched.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I was watching television just now and I watched a programme called All On The Line by Joe Zee. Do you know Joe Zee? He is the Fashion Director of Elle Magazine,great huh? Yup, he is. Well, tonight's episode was about plus size female designer who design for plus size women.

To me, the story was very moving and touching indeed. She designs for plus size women and she does not have any fashion background, she just have business background but with support from her friends and because of reason which is, she could not find clothes that fit her and her friends.

She is Tracy and she has a fashion line and because of Joe Zee saw her potential, he wanted her to be bold and be able to design for all the plus size women in the US. She was actually had problem with her self esteem. She could not say not to things and she would always seeks for advice from Joe Zee. 

To be honest, I could easily relate this story, this moving story with mine. I am actually plus size too, could not find the perfect fits for me. We, plus size people, usually hide under the clothes, we too want to dress beautifully but then, do we have the fit to actually wear? Do we? NO, what we have usually too big and way bigger than our sizes. 

So, that is why I took fashion course, to make my own clothes. Yes. Back to the programme, okay, Tracy was convinced by Joe Zee, that she will face buyers so that she could sell her clothes and designs. She was given 6 weeks to complete a capsule collection and present that collection in front of the buyers. At first, she was excited but then, after 10 days, she did make any clothes, not even a sample and when Joe Zee found out, he was disappointed and but then he was quite happy because of the sketches that Tracy did. 

Joe did give a few advises to Tracy that she needs to stand up for whatever decision that she is going to make and prove that she can take control. Then, a few days before the presentation, a few of the clothes did not even finish and Joe said he needs to cancel the appointment and cancel everything. Joe was devastated. He was furious. But then, Tracy went and talk to Joe and stand up for herself and gave Joe words to trust her once again. 

Then, the day of presentation, she started good but then some of her creations were not up to the standard of the buyers but then, the buyers agreed to work with her and produce her collection.

Amazing huh? I was actually very touched with this story. It is not everyday television will show about plus size people, usually they will show about skinny, good looking girls. BTW, that makes ur stress. 

Well, that is all I guessed, I am so sorry for using full English for this entry. I will write back in Malay, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Awan yang terpilu.

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