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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

She sings from her heart, bless her.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Apa khabar semua? Semalam saya ada post fasal Ekspo I Want Sihat Bersamamu di Raub tu kan? Well, such a mess that event. Okay, btw, in that particular event, they had a karaoke competition and the contestants were amazing, but then, there was one contestant that caught my eyes. Yes, she does not have the best voice ever, she does not have the beautiful-est clothes ever, BUT she sang from her heart. She did. I personally think that, she has the best emotion among all of the contestants. Yes! I personally think that.

The intro for the song, she said that the song was dedicated to her mum, foster mum, now lived in Kuantan, she called her Mama. I was touched by that sincerity. I could not stop my tears but then I quickly swept my tears away. I was touched by that emotion. Yes, I was.

Even though, she did not sing according to the melody, her tempo was everywhere but that emotion was above all. Know I know, no matter what you are doing, do it from your heart and do not think about the others, do it from your heart.

I too was there, before she performed her singing, she was quite nervous and excited, to see such energy, personally, I felt ashamed. Why? She has the guts to actually registered and performed the song. The title of the song was Ibu by Exist. Overwhelmed? Yes, Indeed. I was and so did the audience. Yes. At the beginning of her performance, everyone was laughing at her, but then, to be able to see that sincerity, everyone was silent. They did not know what to say. 

And at the end of the song, she screamed, "Ibbbuuuuuuuu...." and she cried. Perhaps, that was the way she knows how to show her love to her mum, again, foster mum. I remembered when she want to register her name, she forgot to bring the money *RM10 for registration and she ran from the Urusetia booth and she came back with the money as soon as possible, and she was gasping for air, she was tired, of that running. I was amazed, and from that, I knew, she would give a great performance.

Yes, again, she does not have the Voice, she does not have the Body, she does not have the Look, but she surely has the emotion and that emotion affects everyone who hears it. 

Congratulation to that akak.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: If I am not mistaken, she works as pembantu kedai at one of the restaurants in Raub. Bless her.


  1. yeah..everything from inside your hearts will affected others...

  2. yup, indeed. hey, what happened to your English grammar? i have one HEART, after WILL must be root word darling..haiya...hehehe