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Friday, April 5, 2013

Giving Incentives As Motivation? Whatever...

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Last night, I was watching television and there was one news on television that really makes me think a lot.

"The Government will give incentives to the headmasters, principals, teachers and staff IF their school (students) got good grades." 

I mean? What? I was watching this news with my dad and I said to my dad, 

"This 'effort' will actually hit the students really hard. Meaning, what if, the students are not that good, but because of the great grades, the teachers force them to great things and those great things are not their forte? Honestly, this thing, will make students feel afraid to go to school. They will learn a thing or two but the vision and mission of the school has changed, they are not longer try to help student excel in their life, but to achieve the 'name and fame' and the money and incentives".

My dad was silent and he said, 

"The incentives are actually to give motivation to the teachers to help their students more and they will be able teach their students with great motivation".

But I personally think, yes, it does have pros and contras but to me, the pros go to the headmaster, teachers, and the staff, in term of money motivation and the cons will go to the students. Why? Yes, money will go the headmaster, teachers and staff, but the grade actually from the students. Students will have to work hard to learn subjects and to be honest, I was students once, and so did you right? There were times, where teachers asked one question, but only a few managed to answer the question. Why? Not because we did not do our revision, but our mind powers are not level, why? Because, Allah made us like that. 

People might say, "You have to learn things, why? Because you will need it one day". Yes, I know, but have not you heard of pedagogical methods? There are a lot of method to teach students right? Yes, I know, teachers always LOVED and PAMPERED those who know more about things, because, they always say, "It is easier to mark the question papers when I am marking the clever students' papers". I used to hear that, a lot!

What? Yes, we already in that Exam-Oriented Academic Environment, why do we have to give a lot of incentives now? Is it because the teachers HAVE to teach? Or the teachers have lack of motivation to teach the students? These questions actually were walking briskly fast on my mind. Yes.

I heard before, our Deputy Prime Minister went to Germany and try to get as much as many information about the Skills-Oriented Environment, and still we have to face this incentives giving thingy? Why? Don't we have better things to do? Then just giving incentives? 

I heard from my friends, "I don't like go to school". I asked, "Why?"  "Well, because the teachers expect from us a lot while we can give what we can, and when we say we can't, the teachers were just do not accept excuses". I was stunned and I had flashbacks. 

When I was in primary school, my friends and I were very too exam oriented, we were actually separated into two groups, the clever and so-so clever ones and those who can't read, can't write and have problems with learning. *well, back then, I did not know about slow learners and such. I was so very happy for making like, the top part of the class, but then, sometimes, the competitiveness of the class making us so exam oriented.

Then, I went to Secondary school, where the environment was not as I used to in the primary school, I chose to go to Sekolah Agama, where we had to learn like 18-19 subjects every year from 2001-2005. I was happy back then, but I feel, I lost something and now realised what was it, it was sport element. We did not do sport a lot, I do not know, maybe I did not went for the living in hostel life, but, actually, we should have sports. Yup. But still, exams were very much important but there were two path, I may say, the World Path subjects and the HereAfter Path subjects. I do not know about the others, but I did just OKAY, why? I clearly was not into in so much. I do not know why. Maybe I could not focus like the others in my class. Well, whatever right?

Then, I went for Form Six, still, exam oriented, well, the form six back then was not like the present one, they are much better, I hope? hehe..

But,  the things is, exam oriented really has pros and cons. You will figure it out later. Yes. 

Back to the incentives giving thingy, well, it is up to you to make the thinking because, reading my writing does not change your thoughts about that right? Shout out below and I really love to hear from your, your point of view. Okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: They might have think about the consequences, right?


  1. yes..i do agree with u..for every action we take there must be pro n incentive is solely about motivating bout does that motivation leads to a better effect n consequences or to even worse one?It actually depends on the individuals involved who will have to make choice whether they wanna be grateful with just enuff effort & tawakkal to Allah or become a greedy one and will do just anything to fulfill their dreams n desire.

  2. Yes, Indeed. Thank you for that. Not to critique that the incentive giving is not good, no, but the points given by me actually there right? There will be consequences, there will be.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Luv you.

  3. Yes, Indeed. Thank you for that. Not to critique that the incentive giving is not good, no, but the points given by me actually there right? There will be consequences, there will be.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Luv you.