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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quite Saturday? Naaaa...

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Good Morning? hahaha.. I woke up quite early today, hehehe.. Well, at 9 o'clock, but I just updated my blog at 11.56 am in the morning, technically, its still morning. Hahaha.. right?

Feels like putting this picture..hehehe
Well, today is Saturday, I actually need to tidy up my bed just because today is Saturday, yup, yes. Not only my bed, I need to tidy up, sweep and clean up my room. There are too many spider webs, I do not know why the spiders loves to webbing in my room, it is not like, my room is their lair or something. These spiders need killing, ASAP! hahaha...

I bought news papers today, Sinar Harian, The Star and also Berita Harian. They were talking about General Election, well, who doesn't right? Even the pak cik-pak cik at the stall were talking about General Election. What I have learned, during the period of the transition to form the new government, the Army will take over and they will manage everything in terms of safety of the country. So, now, there is not government, but the vulnerability is always there, am I right?

People were talking about General Election, the 13th General Election, if its according to the Japanese Feng Shui or whatever thingy on numbers, the number 13 is a bad number and people usually avoid any contact with this number. But, it is just a number, right? Nothing wrong with it, right? 

Looking at the news, *which I find very hard to believe, because, it is toooo, waaayyy ttooo bias. I think, there will something that really shocking going to happen to the new government. I do not know, but it seems like the Opponent parties are really aggressive and they are like, will do anything for the sake of forming the government. Well, we always eat rice right? We don't event know whether spaghetti is good for us or not. Well, just an analogy. Hahhaa.. biased? You were just over thinking things. hahaha..

I am going to find great issues right now, since that the news papers are in, so, see you later kittens! Luv you, always luv you.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Heard of Entertainment Blog called Tom and Lorenzo? Better search for it, they right amazing ideas and love the way they describe things, I just want to be like them. heheh

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