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Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's talk about responsibility guys!!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Good afternoon everybody. It feels like like, so damn tired and I am like so want to sleep, but I still want to watch television. I need some entertainment, well, obviously, my entertainment would be from television. hehehe..

Well, before that, I need to post one small, tiny thing.

Do you what is responsibility? Well, if you know, then, great, 10 great marks for you, but if you don't, then great too, I will tell you what is responsibility with examples.

Okay, let say, I am studying at GIATMARA but then, I had one teacher who taught me and my friends fashion and dressmaking, but then, that 'amazing' teacher said that "you need to come to class, otherwise you'll not be able to catch modules that we have planned', but then, amazingly, that very teacher DID not come to class and teach, instead, she wondering around town and do nothing, well, she does something, opening outlet eyh? Amazing.

I still remember about this saying of hers, she said,

"I love my students, I love you too, I want all my students to finish all the modules and in fact, we need to speed up to finish our modules, I love my students so much".

BULLSHIT??? hahaha,,yes, bullshit, everything that came from her mouth is bullshit. She said a lot of things that really do not make sense. She said she love her students and she wants to finish all the freaking modules, but then, like, almost a month, she did not come to GIATMARA Raub and teach us. Is that love? or just makan gaji buta? Is she really a human with heart. Obviously, she is a human, just human, with no heart. Sorry to say.

That one day, she came to GIATMARA Raub and I asked her,

'Hows your health? Is it okay?"

She answered,

"Yes, I am fully recovered and I am healthy as pink but I want to finish my general leave".

Im like? What?? Responsibility, HELLO!!!

Okay, back to our topic, responsibility, she does not have that character. She said she is a entrepreneur and she wants to lead her mentee under her to success, well, with that 'amazing' attitude, does she really have the qualification to even become a mentor? *please.

Last but not least, I have lost my respect towards her looong time ago, well, about two month after I enrolled to GIATMARA Raub. Yes. Sorry to say. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I may say bad thing about her, but she already picked my name in her letter, so, I am not picking her name here, but everybody knows what her made of.


  1. im also a guy so i can talk about this ait?:P well well well...u had a "very responsible" is cheap ait?it can only be valuable once the words are made into action...I hope we don't encounter such person again and we don't become like's a really big responsibility and she will be asked of what she had been doing with the responsibility given ..

  2. Miss angelcrackhaunted : hahhaa. yes.. you are darling. OMG, please, but if she like wants to give like advices, I could not help myself listening to her bullshits. I have to hear it.. well, hear and listen are two different things eyh? hahaha..