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Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Sewing References. Home Sewers.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Sebenarnya, I have been reading a few great webs and blogs about stitching, sewing, patterning, and what not about this seamstressing. hahahaa... *just do not know that word to be used. Sorry. My English is not as good as before, which before was worse, sekarang ni tahanlah sikit. hahahha.. *LOL

Well, as far I am concern, actually I have different views on sewing, not the point of views but the, apa nak cakap eyh, macam, in Malaysia, kot lah kan, I don't think so lah kan, we do not have like ready pattern sold on the market, macam, takde lah pulak saya pernah jumpa, pattern, or pola yang memang dah ada jual kat market ke, kedai kain ke, tak jumpa, tapi tak tau la pulak kat bandar-bandar besar, kan? hehe.. But, it is way different with those who are in Australia, England, America where they have these amazing patterns are being sold in fabric shops, maybe, I dont really know, the reason why I wrote that is because, I have been reading a few blogs and all I can see is that, they use ready made pattern to draft on their fabrics. So, easy for them la kan but me, I have to look for the measurement, and I have divide things and calculate the exact measurement. So, susah sikit lah, but i remember the way to actually calculate things lah kan. hehehe..

Tapi, kadang-kadang lupa juga, saya pun manusia jugak, tapi takde la sampai menyepak terajang manusia lain. hihu... *pedas tak? 

These are the blogs that I read and I will keep on reading for more information and guides. Love them

So, people usually say, being a great fashion designer, one must have its own identity and esthetic. Well, to be honest, I am very much looking for it right now, I want too to be like DVF who created wrap dress and gosh, she is amazing. So, something to be remembered all the way, for the entire life. Kan?

Ann, The Winner.
But hey, I could just easily look for it somewhere right? Right?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: British even has a TV programme on sewing, Great British Sewing Bee. Good. They are finding British Great Home Sewer.

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