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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Project Runway Malaysia S1 : The Designers NOW. Di mana dorang?

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Setengah orang tahu dah yang kat Malaysia ni ramai giler fashion designers and dressmakers yang memang buat baju untuk their own customers lah kan. They are good in their own ways. They certainly have the X factor to make things happen. Love them all. 

Remember Project Runway Malaysia, well, should I put Season 1? I should not right, because its the one and only season running, so, PRM should do. In that very first edition, there were fresh faces and they really want to make it work,*famous line of Tim Gunn. To be honest, most of the contestants in the season really strive for success. 
I was searching for their names and I Googled their names but a few were showed, not all of them. So, saya letak je la mana yang ada kan? hihu.. yang takde tu, bukan bermakna mereka takde cuma they off the radar, or stay in the closet? *joke! hahahha.. I searched for Alex Chin, the winner and this was came out. Klik je link ini Alex Chin. Saya tak tahu apa yang berlaku kepadanya, always like that kan? You won the competition then you got the money, you disappear. Unlike the others, they need to breathe and they work their arses off to make the scene happens for them. 

Saya juga Googled Alexandra Yeo, the 1st Runner Up, this is what I found. Alexandra Yeo Blog, She updated the blog like 100 million years ago, so nothing much on the news. *sigh. The latest article was from Tongue and Chic, *click on the link given

Enough with those two, so we go to 2nd Runner Up, a famous fashion designer amongst the Malaysian celebrities and fashionistas. Hatta Dolmat. Trademark? Dark, heavy heavy things put on the dresses and cutting. Dalam PRM dulu, *entah lah,, saya tak ingat sangat sebab masa tu saya tak tengok TV sangat. hahaha.but he is doing great now, amazing and well known to the public. Congratulations. 

Fitri Zainal Abidin, saya searched this singer turned fashion designer or should I say, fashion desinger? no no... dia dulu adalah Alumni Akademi Fantasia 2, suara? okay lah, tapi he choose fashion to strive more. Okay lah kan? I follow his Instagram, so for those yang hendak tengok dia, search Fitri on Instgram. ada. Okay? 

Alywn Chua, nowhere to be found. Sorry.

Zery Zamry. This guy too has impressive works, dia buat baju untuk Ziana Zain, *Hello!!!.. Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira, Rozita Che Wan dan ramai lagi. Baru-baru ini, dia buat baju untuk Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, untuk Konsert Lentera Timur di Istana Budaya, tapi bukan dia sorang je lah, ada lagi, cam Hatta Dolmat, Noreen Idris dan lain-lain lagi. Dia pun active di Instagram. 

Danny Kok, Allison Chong are nowhere to be found. Saya cari tapi tak jumpa. Sorry.
Jezmine. Very petite girl dan dia ada nilai estetik dia sendiri. Cam vintage, soft, quirky, awkward camtu lah kot. She create good clothes too, care to visit her IG and also her blog. Click on the name there. 

Mumtaz Bibi, sorry, nowhere to be found too. Sorry.

Nurita Harith. Nurita Harith ni quite famous. She has a boutique at Bangsar and my cousin's wife, pilih dia untuk buat baju nikah. Yup. Cantik. Kepada yang nak tengok dia punya baju semua, click on the given link. ada lah kat situ and she does create amazing pieces. Love it. Soft.
 Khairi Sufi. Khairi Sufi ni time PRM takde cam famous sangat, biasa-biasa je but after PRM, he really got the attention sebab dia create cam cocktail dresses yang memang sesuai untuk event and dia juga buat long dresses. Sorry la sebab blog dia tu memang untuk saje buat camtu, entah kenapa dia buat camtu. He should actually update his blog, tapi most of people sekarang tak guna blog dah kan? so, follow his Instagram. Khairi Sufi. Dia juga buat pieces for Fazura, Sharifah Amani and many more.

Jenny Yap, sorry.
Hanizam Abdul Wahab, remember her? yang mak cik umur 40 tu, yang buat gown orang kahwin tu. So, takde jugak, sorry.

 Anizam Yusof. Dia ni meanwear punya designer sebenarnya. Kepada yang hendak tengok dia punya works, the Rhu Couture, click the name given. Anizam ni pun has impressive resume. Buka blog dia and you will find the details. Love it. 

Most of these guys, fashion designers were coming from UiTM. Yes, see their educational background, so, actually they have set the standard for the students. They were struggled and yet they strive. Congratulations.

So, itu je lah, ini pun saya amik reference dari wiki, ramai lagi designers dari Malaysia yang ada nama kan? next, saya cari yang lain pulak. heehehe..

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: mampukan ku?
p/s: pesanan kepada these fashion designers, you ada team you sendiri kan? keep updating your blog or website. Sebab kadang-kadang orang nak buat review thru your blog or web pun susah, takkan nak amik details kat IG je kan?

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