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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pitch Perfect 2. Lovely!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Haa.. untuk kali ni saya nak ceritakan fasal movie yang akan datang ke Malaysia kot, rasanya movie ni takde pape yang mampu memesongkan akidah manusia. Rasanya sebab ia fasal nyanyi-nyanyi je, takde unsur-unsur sensitiviti agama.

Okay, filem apa? 

Filem Pitch Perfect 2!!! Yes darling, after the success of Pitch Perfect which released on 2012, the sequel of Pitch Perfect is going to be in cinemas on May 15, 2015!!! ahhh.. excited! well, about ten months from now right? ow, 11 months.. something like that laa..

Tapi apa-apa pun, loads of things can happen in these 11 months kan.. tapi apa-apa pun saya memang nak sangat tengok cerita ni sebab after watching gazzillion of times Pitch Perfect, of course la nak tengok Pitch Perfect 2, lagipun, Rebel Wilson, my immediate favourite comedian is going to be in that movie. Hows that?

Memang nak tengok cerita ni, hahaha.. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: dieting..

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