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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mengajar di GIATMARA Raub.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Apa khabar semua? It has been a while kan since last update! Adoiyai.. memang takde masa dan memang takde isi nak ditaip. But, I have one thing to share with you.

I am now a teacher. Well, takde la fulltime teacher macam teacher-teacher kat sekolah kerajaan tu, buat I am an English teacher, ajar tuition english subject. I do not know how to put things into words. haaha, but saya suka sangat mengajar these students.

I applied for this position about last month and teaching English subject starting 3 weeks ago. Saya mengajar hanya dua jam for 1 week, Monday. Saya dibagi modul untuk mengajar these students but after had a great look the modules given, I sorted out a few things and i too added English grammar in the teaching periods.

Like on the 2nd week, I taught them about English grammar, and it was Noun. To be honest, dorang ni bukan la tak pandai. Dorang pandai sebenarnya, cuma, they a little bit hmm.. out of place. Macam sedikit malas la, but dorang nak sangat belajar, I know. I am willing to help them kalau dorang willing to learn. I do not mind at all. For the sake of English language, I would say, I am willing to help them. Yes.

Yesterday, saya ajar dorang through movie. We watched Maleficient. Maleficient kan dalam bahasa English UK, dan all the intonation and stresses dalam tu adalah bagus. So, We watched the movie and at the end of the session, we comment a little bit on the movie. I I made it like in the Literature Components tapi based on movie. Say ada cakap, bila dorang read something, dorang kena bayangkan dalam minda dorang about what they have read.

Bayangkan tentang tempat, background, fikirkan tentang tema sesebuah cerita itu apa. Jangan main baca je, jot down the important details. So, I taught them through movie. And I believed, it worked on certain students, but it did not work on certain others. I will work hard to it. 

I need those students to be able to obtain good grades dalam SPM dorang. 

Dear students, 

I will try my best to look for other sources that might be able to help you in the long term. So! Wish me luck.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Seronok tapi memang kena banyak membaca untuk improve. Seriously. 

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